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At huttywalla, we all need to know and honour our elementary values and main ethical principles. This Code of conduct contains an overview of our values and ethical principles and is an inherent part of the Rulebook applicable to all co-workers at huttywalla.
The aim of the Code of conduct is to honour the generally recognised ethical principles, avoid any unlawful action with an emphasis on minimising the risk of huttywalla breaking the law or being complicit in criminal activity. huttywalla believes it is important to provide its services and products in compliance with the law and generally recognised ethical principles.

This Code of conduct is binding to all co-workers at huttywalla. We do our best to ensure that our business partners, suppliers and sub-suppliers follow it as well. All the aforementioned should always follow the principles and keep generally recognised good manners. This Code of conduct should serve to all the aforementioned when they need to make a decision and accept responsibility for their actions.

Co-workers need to be aware their actions might cause huttywalla or themselves to become legally liable and face criminal, administrative or civil sanctions. Therefore, co-workers are obliged to act in a manner that does not constitute criminal activity or is in breach of law.

huttywalla is a renowned European company providing vast information systems and solutions in the areas of information and communication technologies. We are fully aware of our responsibility towards the customers, shareholders, co-workers and the communities where we operate. Therefore, we have designed a strict code of conduct to follow.

huttywalla considers the provision of its services and products in compliance with the law and generally recognised ethical principles and standards very important. These standards include the norms for quality management of the provided services ISO 9001, norms for service quality and improvement ISO 20000 but also efforts to minimise the impact on the environment in compliance with the ISO 14001 and information security ISO 27001.

Protection of reputation

ur actions and demeanour are always in line with maintaining the reputation of the company, our clients and business partners. huttywalla is a synonym of professional quality and trustworthiness, therefore, our clients are only those whose business is in compliance with the law and ethics and whose justified needs can be met by our high-quality services.

When you act on behalf of huttywalla, remember to honour the reputation of the company and express only the official viewpoints of the company, never your own views or opinions.

If a co-worker is authorised to act legally on behalf of the company, e.g. entering contracts, they are obliged to comply with the extent of such authorisation.

Negotiating the terms and conditions of future business contracts is preceded by assessing the risks of entering such contractual relationships and a background check in public records. Eventual risks must be reported to the top management of huttywalla.

Professional demeanour

We provide services at a professional level in compliance with the internal regulations of huttywalla and we follow specialised and professional standards. We offer to our customers only the services that we are able to provide with a high level of quality, meeting all the requirements we committed to. We always keep our clients up-to-date truthfully with any important development. When providing a service, we make sure to maintain the quality, quantity, deadline and budget we committed to.

Our internal processes are meticulously audited according to the ISO 27001 standard for information security management and ISO 9001 for service quality management.

We treat our co-workers, clients and all business partners with respect, dignity, honesty and courtesy. We want to be successful but never compromise our integrity and good manners. We respect the confidentiality of information and privacy of our clients, co-workers and business partners. We never misuse our professional position to our own advantage or advantage of a favoured person.

We try to avoid the conflict of interest and if we find a possible one, we immediately inform a competent person from the ethical line and apply corrective measures.

We follow the rules of fair competition. We support and advocate for transparency and impartiality of tenders and competitions. We rigorously check all financial transactions and manage our bookkeeping in compliance with current accounting principles.

Protection of the co-workers’ rights

In compliance with the national law and practise, we support the principles of the Global Compact, a UN initiative, the Declaration of the Human Rights by the United Nations, International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Protection of the co-workers’ rights applies especially to the following areas:

Reward and working hours – We always comply with the law and regulations related to the working hours, wage and employment benefits.

– We value the diversity of our co-workers and consider it our competitive advantage that needs to be supported and developed. We do not accept any discrimination, injustice or harassment.

Health and safety
– We always comply with the law and regulations related to occupational health and safety and ensure the work environment is safe and healthy to avoid accidents and injuries. We regularly evaluate any possible risks and apply corrective measures.
Child labour – We do not employ children under 15 and always comply with the legislation on the employment of the minors.
Forced labour – We do not accept slavery or forced labour of any form. We do not allow practices that might limit the freedom of co-workers.

We build relationships with all co-workers on the principles of mutual respect and trust while we expect all co-workers to follow the fundamental ethical principles and good manners. We encourage good rapport among co-workers and respect their privacy. In addition, we encourage co-workers to develop themselves both professionally and in their personal lives and we are interested in increasing their skills and abilities.

Social responsibility

We support the protection of fundamental human rights and do not participate in business activities that violate these rights. We act responsibly towards society and contribute to the development of our surroundings. We respect the local law, traditions, and customs in the countries where we operate.

We actively support charitable and educational activities that make the world around us a better place for life and we take part in community activities. We want to be beneficial and help in a way that makes sense. Therefore, our support is mostly long-term and systematic. The choice of the institutions we cooperate with reflects our values and conservative approach of the whole huttywalla group. We cooperate with the organizations that educate young people and develop their talents. Also, we help those who found themselves in a difficult life situation through no fault of their own and are unable to help themselves.

For example, the Gee-Gee foundation was established to help our co-workers and their children who found themselves in a difficult life situation. Learn more about our support here.

We are open to all people who are involved in our business and willingly and efficiently answer their queries and the requests of third parties. When we use our own or client’s material, intellectual or electronic property, we always act responsibly in compliance with the law and observe the legitimate purpose of the use of the property.

Protection of information

Co-workers always pay attention to sufficient protection when using information systems and processing personal data. The co-workers who process personal data in their job are obliged to handle personal data in compliance with the Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (Data Protection Directive), also known as GDPR, also they need to comply with any other legislation and internal regulation. Co-workers are trained to protect personal data and handle it as confidential information and are not allowed to forward personal data to third parties.


We always comply with the law, regulations and standards in the area of environmental protection and we have implemented an efficient system for identification and elimination of potential environmental risks. We were awarded a certificate of implementation of an environmental management system which is identical to the ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 standard and proves huttywalla Systems implemented a management system to protect the environment and meets the legal requirements for environmental protection.

We keep our workspace tidy during the working hours. We treat the property we have been given to use as our own, with respect, to represent ourselves and the company.

Besides taking care of the given property and acting accordingly in the office, we also care about the immediate surroundings. That is why we are a non-smoking company and we separate waste.

The Non-Smoking company project started in 1997 and huttywalla has been a non-smoking company since 1.1. 1998. Several principles are applied as a compromise with the awareness of the fact that nobody can invade the privacy of any of us.

Separating waste helps not only the environment but also us at the end of the day. Separating waste is not just a momentary fashion of the ecologists but a general standard of a responsible behaviour. According to the statistics on separating and recycling package material published regularly by Eurostat, Czechia is one of the top in Europe.

We also separate waste at huttywalla. The boxes for separated waste are located in the kitchens on every floor. You will find three boxes: plastic, paper, and glass.


We follow international anti-corruption standards according to the Global Compact, a UN initiative, and the national anti-corruption regulation. It is unacceptable for our co-workers or business partners to ask for, receive, offer, promise or provide bribes.

A bribe is anything designed to influence the people who are authorised to make decisions, or their family members, with the aim to build, keep, or gain unlawful advantage. Bribes may take a form of money or other advantages (inadequate gifts, trips, mock conferences with reimbursed costs, paid reciprocal services, contributions to political subjects, etc.).

Prevention of criminal activity

We always try to prevent criminal liability. Therefore, all co-workers must act in compliance with the law in a way that prevents criminal activity of natural persons that might result in the criminal liability of juridical persons according to the § 8 Act n. 418/2011 of the Czech law on legal liability of juridical persons, that means the liability of the Unicorn holding.

If a co-worker receives an order by their superior which they suspect as unlawful, they assess the order’s compliance with the law and this ethical code. If a co-worker concludes that acting on the order might result in a criminal activity, they must report this to the ethical line.

If there is any pressure on a co-worker to act in breach of the law, internal regulations or in conflict with their superior’s orders, they must refuse such act and report this to the ethical line.

If a co-worker violates the law as a result of their free will when fulfilling their work tasks, this constitutes infringement of law on the co-worker’s side, not by the Unicorn holding.

Dialogue with business partners

We inform our sub-suppliers and business partners about the principles in this Code of conduct and encourage them to follow these principles as well. We call on them to act in compliance with the law, ethical standards, human rights, standards in the areas of safety and occupational health, protection of environment, and the standards in personal data protection.

Initiatives, complaints and ethical line

You have the right to lodge a complaint, suggestions and other claims in order to draw attention to a suspicion of crime, breach of law or code of conduct, activities suggesting corruption or corruption, personal, settling personal accounts with colleagues or business partners, provision of unethical or false information, a suggestion for improvement or other claims. You can lodge the claim at your superior, HR Specialist, or anonymously.

In order to create a place for lodging complaints, we have created the ethical line available on the Portal of Ethical line. You will find all the instructions and necessary information on how to use it. If you lodge a justified complaint to draw attention to unethical activities, we assure you this will not affect your employment in any negative way. If we find your complaint justified, we commit to ensure a suitable correction and apply measures to prevent recurrence of such activity.

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